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Accomplish the extraordinary with gigabit speed. Share, watch, game, learn—without anything getting in the way.


Unlimited data gives you limitless access to high speed Internet. And without contracts, you can cancel anytime. It’s Internet on your terms.


Access to the Internet is access to opportunity. We work hand-in-hand with local partners to promote digital inclusion.

Gigabit Internet that’s truly fast.

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It all starts with how your information is sent over the internet. With traditional cable, your information is mostly sent over copper lines. With our fiber network, your data is sent via small, flexible strands of glass. These strands of glass transmit light, which travels at the speed of light (as you’d expect). That speed gives fiber the ability to send your data (aka that TV show you’re bingeing, that big file you’re uploading, that game you’re playing) significantly faster and over greater distances than cable could.

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Our Internet is truly unlimited, there is no fair usage policy

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